The Festival that will transform the city into an open networking platform

The Singularity Festival (SFW), is an annual convergence of conferences, meetups, events, interactive sessions, workshops, codelabs, panels, debates, hackathons, study jams and parties all over the city, that takes place for the first time ever in Greece, in the city of Heraklion in Crete from the 23rd to the 29th of September.

Technology, Entertainment, Business, Education, Design, Music, Gaming, Art, Hospitality, Tourism, Services, Performances, Interactive Media, and not only, are all welcome to turn the city into an open platform for connecting everybody.

In this first edition, Singularity Festival is focusing on engaging all the local and global communities, businesses, actors and key-players to participate in changing mainstream thinking and practices; in building connections and long-term partnerships; in bridging society’s nets with visitors, travelers and participants and showcasing how interactions, diversity and common effort could reshape the prospective of growth

A unique gathering where everybody can find inspiration, confront new challenges, share their expertise, renew bonds to community, make significant connections, and find ways to give back to the movement.

Singularity Festival has just launched officially and is now accepting entries for being part as active member of this movement.

As Singularity Festival showcases the most innovative and creative individuals and companies, it encourages the community of makers,

gamers, seekers, leaders, startups and creatives to submit their project or propose ideas for hosting at the Singularity Festival.

Get to know the Singularity Festival here

Submit your proposal here




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