Cooking on the fire: The ancient hob, the traditional way of cooking of the Cretan families retains the authentic taste and the scents of the raw materials with the copper utensils and the scent of wood.

Kneading Dough: Every mother’s hands in the Cretan Tradition kneads and prepares with love several doughs and pies for the family table. Wild greens from the Cretan mountains, homemade cheese and wild herbs are some of the chosen fillings. Taste the authentic in Hairi.

The Hairi Cellar: he old cellars made from soil, stone and wood kept and aged homemade wines from grapes collected by hand by the family members. In our cellar time has stopped to take you back to those times. Join us.

The recipes in Hairi: Every dish we prepare and every ingredient is selected by a very important for us criterion: our mothers’ and grandmothers’ cuisine, the ones who took care of the nutrition of the family and chose the freshest ingredients to unite the family members around the table.